The Four Lives of Federico Faggin
Italian, American, Inventor, Consciousness Scientist
Documentary, 30 min., Directed by Roberto Miller, 2021

SPEAKERS: PANEL Federico Faggin, Roberto Miller, Dr Vasileios Basios, Prof Marjorie Woollacott
DATE: 4th November 2021
TIME: 7:30 – 8:45 PM (GMT)

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Federico Faggin shares his fascinating journey through the ages, from being born in war-time Italy to living the American dream as he became the renown physicist, serial entrepreneur, designer of the first microprocessors and inventor of devices we still use everyday such as the touchscreen and touchpad. Then, thirty years ago, while breaking through the frontiers of artificial intelligence, he had an experience that led him to question the fundamental aspects of consciousness, the nature of reality, and life beyond the ordinary material world.