The International Academy of Consciousness are an education organization dedicated to investigating the Consciousness and Human Exceptional Experiences.

They believe that everyone can find the inspiration and strength to make a difference. By experiencing first-hand the spiritual world, we can address the mindsets at the root of many of today’s personal and social problems.


We are dedicated to promoting awareness and spiritual connectedness, emancipating the individual to fully know themselves and achieve greater self-determination.


We want to equip people to reinvent themselves and dare to create the world they dream of, because the grasp of one’s mind determines how far they can reach.


We share knowledge and teach subtle energy and astral travel techniques to empower every person to seek their truth by themselves.

We seek to continuously examine psychic phenomena and expand our body of knowledge in a transcendental and down-to-earth manner.


We value non-dogmatic learning and apply the highest level of integrity and ethics in our work.


We envision a society where every person has spiritual awareness and freedom of thought.